The next episode of season 15 of “Grey’s Anatomy”, which will be broadcast Thursday on ABC in the United States, is not just any episode: it is the one that will bring the series into history by becoming the show’s medical prime-time is longer. The episode 15 of season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy, titled “We didn’t start the fire”, will be special in many ways ! First, it will be the 332e episode, which will enable him to become the longest series medical of prime-time history, but in addition, to the celebrate as it should be, the production has decided not to propose any plot medical ! So, Jackson decides to organize a party to celebrate the success of the intervention on Catherine with those who have contributed to it. However, nothing goes as planned. During this time, Helen made a surprise visit to her son, Alex and Jo… It will be directed by Chandra Wilson (Bailey). Season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy is available in France (US+24 sur MyTF1 VOD.

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